I first heard about permaculture in 2013 when I was at an Earthship Design Principles seminar in Seattle, WA. I found THAT seminar after watching an inspiring documentary called “Garbage Warrior” about a man named Mike Reynolds who was building these radically sustainable homes our of recycled materials.
Inspired by that film, I headed to Seattle with a friend to learn more. A one-hour talk at that seminar changed my life for the better and one thing I remember hearing was “once you learn permaculture, you never know where it will take you, but it will be far”, or something to that effect. How true it has been. 
I’ve long known about the problem of depleted soils, food insecurity and water scarcity, and now I know a way that this can be regenerated, revived and improved. There are answers to the problems humanity is facing, and I love a good solution!
After that seminar I found a course being offered right in my own town and I am now a graduate of the Permaculture Design Certificate Program (PDC, 2015).
The three basic principles of this design system are:
Care for the Earth.
Care for the people.
Return the surplus.
Since learning about this gardening / farming / agricultural technique / system, I have been very inspired to do my part in healing the Earth through sustainable practices.  These include things like composting, water saving, food forestry, regenerative agriculture, working with nature, honouring and using Indigenous plants and practices and much more.
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I also do Sales and Marketing for the Okanagan/Shuswap’s only industrial compost facility which takes food waste and other organic waste from local restaurants, hotels and other businesses and makes soil-improving compost.
You can check them out at
I am also very happy to teach compost courses whenever and wherever possible.
The next one is at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre on June 22nd

Composting for Beginners (click to purchase tickets)

Previous classes:

April 13th, 2019 at Okanagan College in Vernon, Half day “Home Composting”

2018 – Neskonlith Indian Band – Full day including 3-bin system build

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