Getting a greenhouse was the next logical step in my garden evolution.

I wanted to extend my growing season to make my family more food-secure.

If you’ve been paying attention to agriculture in California, you know that it’s a wee bit DRY there lately (5 year drought), so we should all try to grow at least SOME of our food and really see if we can make more action happen for more months of the year. Plus, grown at home tastes WAY better!

I picked it up for a discount as there was a rip in it, and that turned out to be a problem when the first big wind came and made more rips.

I duct-taped it up a few times, but the heat in there made the glue on the tape not hold.

I also planted a bunch of seeds in March, being an eager beaver, then went out for the day without venting it. It got very sunny and unusually warm that day and well, you guessed it, I KILLED ALL MY BABIES! Thankfully, I had been way early, so I had time to start all over and learn from my mistake.

Mistakes, again, are very valuable, as long as you don’t get hurt!

I also built my first hoop tunnel, and also learned a few lessons there!

1) Vapour barrier plastic is TOO THIN!

2) Needs stronger foundations


January set-up


Very warm Spring


VENTED greenhouse! (wink, wink)


Trying new crops


Have not had much luck with onions so far


I think I started 17 varieties of tomatoes this year!


Babies growing


Inside the hoop tunnel, some lettuce, we carrots, planted too late


Temporarily happy with myself.


This was in the Fall, cooler days


Then the snow came and showed me my plastic was too thin and my design was…shoddy