If you’d like to learn more about composting, please contact me for a one-on-one or group training session.

Compost is a bit of a passion of mine, you could say. Some folks around here call me the “Compost Lady”.

I do various compost demonstrations and talks at schools and community groups, and I’d be happy to talk to your group, too! See the “Classes” page in the menu for some options.

It always seems like a bit of magic that I can throw so much organic waste into a bin, add wood chips, water, stir it up and let it go. Then I have a very valuable soil amendment for the garden.

I also love the fact that it means I have VERY little “waste” at my home. Our garbage is one very small bag for a week, certainly not a big garbage bin full.

I have four different compost systems going:

-my “tall boy” black bin which does most of the heavy lifting. Harvesting it makes a bit of a mess and it can be a bit awkward to turn the compost, but that doesn’t really bother me.

-a vermicomposter on the deck which takes about 1 Litre/week (so not nearly enough for me, but good for single folks).

I got the vermicomposter through an initiative they had going in Vancouver a number of years ago. For $20 you got the bin, some red wiggler worm, a bit of straw, a book and a training sessions! I though that was brilliant and have been hooked ever since.

-a leaf mould pile and in winter I’d like to have a the option of a pick-up service like Spa Hills Compost through the city so I don’t have to send anything to the landfill when all systems are frozen in the winter.

Once you have finished compost, you can get a pump and make compost tea which can be used as a foliar spray or applied directly to soil a few times throughout the summer! Let the pumps run for about 24-48 hours with a generous handful of compost in a mesh bag that will keep it intact. Once the compost tea is done, you can throw that compost right back into the composter.